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Can Forking Practice Affect Cryptocurrency Price – The global cryptocurrency wave aims to change the financial world. The digital currency considered to be starting to complete the task is Bitcoin. Founded by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, it aims to replace cash in digital form. Over time, many specific currencies that are also commonly referred to as altcoin have emerge.

Although they are call alternatives to Bitcoin, you know that many of them were born from forks. Now, what contribution does this fork have to the crypto world? If I said that forks would affect the price of cryptocurrencies, would you believe me? If you are not sure, then no problem, because I will introduce this fact. So please read to the end.

Why does a Fork Happen?

Now, before we understand the exact reasons for how hard fork affect the price of cryptocurrencies, I want to tell you what the real reason for the fork is. When developers came up with the idea of ​​launching an updated version of a certain cryptocurrency to overcome its existing shortcomings, the emergence of forks became possible. 

Hacking is a common and serious problem in the digital world, and it is also one of the causes of forks. Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, which is a cited example. Another reason for their need to fork is the disagreement among community members. Bitcoin and its popular fork.

Forking may affect cryptocurrency price. Such an example has been controversial before, and it is also the reason for the fluctuation of digital currency prices. To further understand why this is the case, let us begin to explore the fork of cryptocurrencies.

When Forking and Other Types

Occurs when the distributed ledger technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies changes or splits. Whenever developers feel the need to propose an updated version of the original cryptocurrency, this is when the fork is complete. Apart from Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin, what are the best examples? Keep the foundation of this forked cryptocurrency to overcome the shortage of Bitcoin. There are two fork wings, one hard fork and one soft fork.

Hard Fork

FORK is not in accordance with the process capability, back and known not only uncertainty affects the price of a cryptocurrency. This is a popular Bitcoin fork. This effect becomes possible when one keeps the parent digital currency but aims to obtain the same amount of forked coins.

Another reason behind the impact of hard forks on cryptocurrencies is whales. In the cryptocurrency world, it is said that whales are behind the manipulation of cryptocurrency prices. If any whale is aware of a possible fork, it will result in the acquisition of new cryptocurrency for all the original coins they already hold.

This became an excellent opportunity for them to bet on the main currency. So they will not miss any opportunity to acquire all the tokens they are looking for. The reason why they are compared with giant marine mammals is that they know how to manipulate the price of the parent cryptocurrency to a higher level and swallow everything that falls into the trap. Or in other words, a novice player who becomes their prey.

A hard fork represents a period of instability for cryptocurrencies. This situation will also lead to disagreements among members of the crypto community.

Soft Fork

If you want to know what is soft fork, let me tell you. When a seemingly new transaction is considered valid by the old node, the occurrence of a soft fork becomes possible. But newer nodes will not consider mining any blocks as valid. To be successful, a soft fork must obtain the maximum network hashing power. Or in other words, it will be a small chain that can be separated or not and will still be part of the network.


So this is all about forks and their two types-soft forks and hard forks. I also mentioned how hard forks affect cryptocurrencies and the main factor is whales. These hidden whales are similar to big fish in the ocean, ruling and devouring opportunities in their paths. These big players manipulate the price of cryptocurrency when they want. You’d better sell your investment before the fork or the whale adventure.

In addition to all the discussions above, when you want to make a transaction, analysis is very necessary, because, in this wild crypto world, all your friends can become fierce enemies. without understanding.


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