Preparing for Retirement

The economy can be highly manipulated without anyone noticing. Most jobs like that are terrible. The salary is great, but it’s all worth the risk that must be accepted. This kind of economy has been going on for a very long time, maybe it’s ingrained. Their cruelty without thinking of others. However, with such a large salary, is it possible to preparing for a retirement fund?

Then, there’s encryption. Cryptocurrency is perhaps the best opportunity for our generation to achieve financial freedom. This is one way to make it happen. Full life in old age. It is something that every parent or even everyone dreams of.

Full Concentration While Researching

The first thing you need to do is market research. Each user has their techniques and strategies for building personal income. Unfortunately, there is no clear way to do this. But you can start with white papers for big projects, Reddit, blog posts by the development team, etc.

I will also pay attention to the history of their price movements. If you look carefully enough, there will be patterns that form as they move. But most importantly, you need to understand the risks here. There are no guarantees and refunds. This is a wild area of ​​the future of finance and technology.

The entire market may be up 100% next week. Or things can fall apart. Nobody knows. Use this market research session as well as possible because this is a fatal result. Take your time as much as possible to get the best research results. 

Dependable Projects

Throughout the entire research process, you will come across many different projects expected to deliver outstanding results. Don’t fall victim to the traps of strangers who give you signals. You only need one. See, unless you plan on becoming the Warren Buffett of Crypto, you can do well with a project. However, if you do good research, this project will be a long-term project. This is the most important. Will this project continue to exist during a bear market? 

The fact is that most projects disappear after the market crashes. As long as your cryptocurrency continues to exist, it will see erratic price increases and decreases. If you want to understand three things, you need a good encryption project.

However, once you have completed your research, it is time to start taking action. This is very important to remember. When making a decision, we advise you to be in a stable emotional state. The goal is that when you experience something you don’t want, you can still control yourself to deal with it.

Your Initial Investment

You must have a sizeable initial investment. I recommend creating a new savings account and depositing a few dollars a month if possible. It will feel like too much at first, but you can save a lot of money very soon. And also, if it is done consistently, it will feel good to do it.

Anything less than this, you may not earn enough in the future. One of them is that you can be preparing funds for retirement. To be old does not have to work anymore. Regardless of your ability to take risks, use your best judgment. For most people, this is a realistic amount of savings. Not that it will be easy, but it is still possible.

There will be another collision. I can’t tell you when or how bad it will be. But it will come. Some people think that the collapse of cryptocurrencies is a tragedy. On the contrary, this will be your chance to achieve financial freedom. This is the time when you want to go all out. You want to buy the bottom.

Not the right bottom. It was impossible to know how low it would fall. You should not feel pressured by this. But if the project is down 95%, you can rest assured that you are close enough.

Live with interest

Now that you’ve withdrawn your funds and enjoyed them. You will still want to keep the majority of your net assets in cryptocurrencies. Especially stable coins. You can earn 6% to 12% of stable currency interest through the DeFi project.

Think of this as a savings account. It will continue to grow. The interest paid by banks is not enough to keep pace with inflation. So don’t put your money there. Instead, get a sizable interest in DeFi and see if the money will work for you.

From cryptocurrency in the economy, you can be preparing for life in your retirement. And also you can live interestingly when you need it.

The bull is here!

When the bull market comes, you will feel happy. You check your portfolio every day and see it improve. Trust me, everyone will feel this way. But now, your greatest enemy is your greed. That’s why it’s important to learn to control yourself from all market conditions. In order not to go too far into the pit of human greed that does not know satisfaction.

There will be a voice in the back of your head telling you to pick up your cryptocurrency and see where it goes. Don’t listen to this voice. This is a phase to make yourself brave to make decisions and stick to your initial stance. I don’t care what banks think about crypto arbitrage. I don’t care what celebrity buys it. On cryptocurrency, anything can happen. From now on, your goal is to make money and run after making a profit.

If you got to this point, you have sacrificed a lot. It would help if you were rewarded for your sacrifice. Please don’t mess it up by doing things that don’t matter. Take your advantage and move on with your life in peace.


From the above, it’s not enough to live forever, but enough to give you a few years of vacation. Depending on your cost of living, this can take anywhere from 3 to 10 years. Trust me, when I say that no one wants to sit and do nothing for the rest of their life. However, these are funds that can use for cryptocurrency and preparing for retirement life for the better.

But your encryption journey doesn’t have to end here. Many types of cryptocurrencies power the creator economy. And you can always repeat this process in every market cycle.



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