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What do you expect to Coinbase will begin trading on Nasdaq on April 14th, with COIN as the stock code. Expectations alone generated shock waves across the crypto industry. A lot of crypto enthusiasts and investors are hoping.

That this will have an impact that is positive and long-lasting on the sector. For investors in cryptocurrency who want at joining with the Coinbase trend. It’s essential to consider whether the optimistic estimate is true and if the company is actually going to go higher.

Consider Some Aspects That Influence

The disadvantage of the Coinbase listing appears to be a bit late, but Coinbase appears to be at the top of growth due to massive bitcoin FOMO. This is why the majority of Wall Street analysts predict that the company will have a difficult time difficult to sustain its current growth over the long term.

The company has reported that revenues for the initial quarter the calendar year reached US$1.8 billion, a year-on-year rise of more than 800 percent. This is an excellent standard of care.

Clearly, expect to Coinbase warned of the instability of the cryptocurrency market in its earnings report , and said that it would definitely impact its earnings growth and growth.

Note That There Are a Few Snags When Listing on Coinbase

Consider what you should think about. In light of the fact that time is tied to the largest Bitcoin price hike in recent times. The excitement over the Coinbase listing event is logical. 

In the same way, the cryptocurrency industry has exceeded the market value of $2 trillion. And is now gaining more attention from the most famous people on Wall Street. Naturally, the excitement for investing in digital currencies is not a fluke.

As shown by Coinbase stats, its users grew by 117% over the first quarter and reached 55 million registered. Users as well as 6.1 million trading users monthly. The exponential growth of Coinbase is a significant indicator by itself. Suggests that the interest in cryptocurrency investment and companies is growing, which will eventually boost Coinbase’s growth.

Another advantage to listing is its floating model that is able to adapt well to the dynamic of the decentralized market. When you opt for direct listing over IPO when the COIN code is activated both institutional and retail investors can benefit from the same trading possibilities.

Doom Isn’t All That Are Permanent Expect to Coinbase

Despite the losses mentioned above having averted, there are many elements that could see the company face several weather events this year. One of the most important is the current mood in the crypto exchange list. The value of cryptocurrency companies that are listed is often synchronized with Bitcoin prices however, it appears that the present trend has turned optimistic.

Look at companies such as Riot Blockchain, Canaan Creative along with Marathon Digital Holdings. In light of the popularity of Bitcoin, its value has increased by over 600% over the past year. In fact, because of the prevailing optimism.

Marathon Digital’s stock price increased by more than 10,000 percent. This makes it hard to be sceptical about the listing of Coinbase expect in the future. Particularly because the company is the core for cryptocurrency in the U.S. cryptocurrency industry.

As an investor one of the primary aspects to be able to trust is whether the business will keep its position as a leader within the US cryptocurrency market for a long time and, at the moment, like the last decade, it appears to be in a good situation to maintain the current trend.


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