What is 1 Inch Swap

Many new DeFi projects create every day, thanks to the hype surrounding decentralized finance. One of the most innovative DeFi projects is the 1 inch Swap.

A good project that people trust is essential for the blockchain industry, as hackers and fraudsters are active in cryptocurrency. Because this makes it easier to improve the security sector for users of the network. People can trust the 1 inch swap.

The world of DeFi has seen some incredible things. 1Inch Exchange DEX aggregator 1Inch decided to launch its native 1Inch token. They decided to reward their loyal users with tokens in celebration of this launch. This is an amazing launch. What exactly is 1Inch and how can you understand it?

What Is a 1 Inch Swap?

1 Inch, Anton Bukov & Sergej Kunz establish a decentralized exchange (DEX aggregator). in 2019. Therefore, DEX allows peer-to-peer transactions in cryptocurrency online. You can exchange encrypted tokens for other coins easily, and DEX doesn’t require intermediaries or third-party governance.

There are many DEXs. That is the most popular is UniSwap and Kyber Network. Each platform sells cryptocurrency at different prices. These exchange platforms also charge different fees. It’s even better to find the lowest way to trade. 1Inch has its benefits.

The Exchange Is a Feature

For the following reasons:

  • Decentralized exchanges are still relatively new and cannot compete against centralized exchanges for liquidity and trading volume. 1 inch exchange solve this dilemma, which aims to offer liquidity and multi-dex pricing.
  • User not fund store in the 1 inch Swap: All funds are kept in the ERC20 wallet.
  • They can control their tokens from anywhere: They can control the exchange on which tokens are buy and sell.
  • There is no KYC or account opening: Simply connect your wallet to get going.
  • There is a low risk of hacking, but 1 inch not consider safe.

1 Inch Token

1Inch Token, a native token that 1Inch will launch in 2020, mention previously. It is a governance token that allows holders to vote on key decisions regarding the platform’s operation. The total supply will be approximately 1.5 billion. It will distribute over 4 years.

The exchange held another 15 million token airdrops in February 2021, following the success of its December airdrop. It has increased the number of recipients.

1Inch AMM Protocol

Mooniswap, 1Inch’s protocol Automated Market Maker (AMM) launch in August 2020. Therefore, this agreement is a direct competitor to Uniswap. It adopts a new exchange rates method to reduce impermanence loss.

It is designed to increase liquidity providers’ profits by reducing arbitrage profit. Mooniswap, the platform’s native token was launching. 1inch Liquidity Protocol then rename.

Is 1 inch Swap Safe?

1 inch Swap is an exchange aggregator that isn’t managed by any third party. This means that cryptocurrencies are not stored on exchanges at all. This is in contrast to other centralized exchanges which store them in trading wallets.

It is also important to note that the 1 inch Swap Notes have been flawless so far without any errors or gaps.


1 Inch has seen a rapid growth rate despite fierce competition since its launch in 2019. DeFi is poise the next major event in crypto, despite having gone from wave 1 to wave 1, and it still has a bright future.

Liquidity is a problem in decentralized exchanges. Decentralized exchanges are notoriously lacking in liquidity. Furthermore, liquidity is dispersed across multiple DEXs, which makes matters even worse.


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