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The US Securities and Exchange Commission, (SEC), halted Wednesday’s registration of two digital tokens provided by Cryptofed, a US-based company headquartered in Wyoming. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has blocked the registration of two digital tokens offered by Cryptofed, an American-based company headquartered in Wyoming. Securities regulator accused company of misleading investors in documents.

What Is The Cause of All This Chaos?

American Cryptofed, which is based in Wyoming, mentioned in the document. The organization states its mission to “create and sustain a currency market with zero inflation, no deflation, or transaction costs.” It adds that the Ducat token offers inflation protection by an algorithm that creates Ducat and destroys it.

American Cryptofed proposes to include Ducat in their security list along with the Locke token. Cryptofed however stated that they intend to list them instead as securities.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has pointed out that US Cryptofed did not report all the information required about the tokens. Additionally, the Wyoming-based organisation did not submit its business, management, Bitcoin is nonsense finance requirements and audited financial statements.

Cristina Lithman, the head of US Securities and Exchange Commission’s Enforcement Division’s cyber department, stated in a recent statement:

“Investors need the information they need in order to make informed decisions. US CryptoFed publishes misleading statements and fails to provide information as required by law in its registration forms.

SEC Administrative Procedure Rules

SEC has stated that they will order the execution of administrative procedures in order to determine the necessary actions to protect investor money. They stated that they will also deny or suspend the registration of Ducat and Locke tokens.

Mary Ann Orr is Cryptofed CEO, but she refused to make a deal with the SEC. He stated that the company was trying to talk with the SEC. The regulator rejects the October rebuttal.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission mentions that there is no property attached to securities. These are the two types (Locke & Ducat) of tokens. American CryptoFed DAO currency system that is based on a decentralized Blockchain will not create.”

Recent developments show that the US Securities and Exchange Commission is still firm on cryptocurrency transactions in the United States. Gary Gensler, chairman of the SEC said they would be closely watching the fast-growing cryptocurrency market.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission chairman Gary Gensler referred to the cryptocurrency market as the “Wild West”, full of risks and scams for investors.

This new token will soon make it impossible to invest. However, those who want to use it can do so via the Bitcoin system. It is a safe and reliable platform that allows traders both to execute manual and automatic trades. This allows novice users to get starts in Iranians who have cryptocurrency without the need to invest large sums of money.


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