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A little over two months since El Salvador’s public-funded Chivo Bitcoin wallet was seized by granting Salvadorans 30 dollars worth of digital currency. A lot of people don’t know what to do with the technology.

When the use of Chivo wallet Bitcoin launched on the 7th of September. It had specific issues, resulting in residents not being able to download the app. Furthermore, when they finally got it onto their phones there were reports that it was not working. After two months of incident, when they finally got it working is an ongoing struggle.

Chivo is the idea of El Salvador’s government Chivo is a cryptocurrency wallet that allows residents who want to use Bitcoin throughout their lives. Its creation from the unstable but well-known leader made the cryptocurrency legal and secure in the small Central American country.

Many Give Up Using a Bitcoin Chivo Wallet

But, Bitcoin is difficult to understand, and many Salvadorans who contact Decrypt regarding the new thought still puzzle in the best way to handle their Bitcoin and the app. Many people had stopped using wallet Chivo Bitcoin in large part due to spending or switching out their Bitcoin. Others claimed they were watching their backs in the hope that the cost will rise.

Chivo isn’t 100% effective however, in the long haul, I’m hoping it gets better and will increase the trust when it comes to its use, Luis Mauricio, a 30-year-old expert has told Decrypt. He also said that he was having problems using his Chivo ATM which allows clients to withdraw the Bitcoin gain in US dollars. And then transfer the cryptocurrency over the course at the course of the week.

There have also been local media reports of fraud in the form of wholesale transactions in the Chivo application. People who had not signed up to use Chivo Bitcoin wallet find out that their ID number use to create an account.

One engineer Decrypt spoke to said he was aware about people being recruited for the application but without having downloaded the application.

But that’s not the only issue. Exchanges were slow or not been dealt with at all sometimes on Chivo. Some organizations are not aware of Chivo as a resource. In addition, many Salvadorans really don’t understand it.

Chivo is a unitary item that is custodial. This implies that someone else is responsible for the assets — in this instance it’s is the Salvadoran government.

Problem on the Chivo Application

Intentional or not, some believe that Salvadorans must have an idea regarding what Bitcoin is before they are able to make use of it.

Vitalik Buterin, the fellow patron of Ethereum the second most cryptocurrency by market capitalization as of a month ago. Told the press that this method of distributing BTC to a large amount of people across El Salvador simultaneously with basically zero effort in previous training is unwise. And there are chances of an overwhelming number of innocent victims scam or hacking.

Other people who spoke with Decrypt reported that after they received the $30 worth of Bitcoin they immediately used it, and then forgot about the application completely.

While El Salvador proceeds with its vigorous Bitcoin investigation. There are many who are hoping for El Salvador will try to help its citizens. Salvadoran government will try to help its citizens with accessing digital assets and to address the concerns of the wallet.

They’re working to solve all the issues that identifying the administration’s representative told Decrypt.


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