Institutional Bitcoin Open

Institutional Bitcoin Open Positions complete and the price soar. This is a sign of large-scale money entering the market. The game continues until the end of October. On October 29, the highest level of open interest was reached.

FOMO investors who traded Bitcoin concurrently to the release of the first Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) were institutional investors. This enthusiasm quickly faded after a week due to the sharp fall in trading volumes.

The record-breaking opening was quickly replaced with the slowing momentum of institutional investors exiting the market. It could have been due to the digital assets reaching an all-time high or the trader taking profit.

The decline in institutional Bitcoin contracts has been due to the weakening of interest in open positions Bitcoin ETF. Then the market is beginning to notice a decrease in spot bitcoin ETFs, as more open position is reducing.


Recently, open positions have declined. CME open positions are down sharply since their peak October 25. However , this decline has not been repeated in other markets.

The open interest of BITO has soared. BITO’s open interest has risen to a record high despite CME’s decline in open interest since October. Current open positions are 4,139, which is a record.

Open interest is down 45% after subtracting BITO from CME open. This shows that institutional Bitcoin open investors have been reducing their market activity, and not participating in public procurements.

Decline Open Position Institutional Bitcoin

System ownership Bitcoin has grown to 185% in October alone. Bitcoin is the main driver behind ETF futures. This approval by ProShares is Bitcoin. Because of this, many traders placed bets on ETF success and they were successful. ETFs’ trading volume surpassed $1 billion within two days. This period saw an increase in open interest.

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Open interest for Institutional Bitcoin decrease in November. Bitcoin performed well this month, even though it was not as popular earlier in the month. Institutional interest has not reflected this trend. Contrary to this trend, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange November trading volume decreased.

CME’s open positions reached 5.9 billion US$, but quickly fell to 4.8 million US dollars. This number has fallen to US$3.4 Billion after excluding the ProShares ETF contribution to transaction volume.

Interest Rate Hike in Binance

Recent growth in Bitcoin liquidation Binance’s position has been remarkable. CME’s position is being challenged by the reality. November saw record-breaking open positions on cryptocurrency exchanges. The currency reached 5.2 million US dollars in April, which was the peak of security’s open interests. Open positions on the platform are now at new highs of US$6.7billion.

BTC institutional investors have stopped calling for more contact. It is now evident that Bitcoin most futures Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are only short-term. After making a profit, these traders have now withdrawn from the markets.


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