Jury Decide Fate of Lawsuit

The closing arguments of each side in the Kleiman vs. Wright trial were concluded on Tuesday, November 23. Now ten jury will decide the fate of the multibillion dollar lawsuit. Craig Wright claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto but he also insists that Dave Kleiman, who is now deceased, didn’t help with the creation of Bitcoin. Plaintiffs hope to win a huge sum of money as well as mental property (IP), which is estimated to be worth billions of dollars.

Jury Decide Fate Kleiman Vs Wright Experiment

The famous Kleiman vs. Wright trial is almost over and the cryptocurrency group will soon witness the long-awaited decision from a Miami jury. Vel Freedman (the plaintiffs’ lawyer representing Kleiman property) tweeted about the case after closing arguments were over and the jury had left to decide fate of the lawsuit. “Kleiman V Wright update: Case submitted for the jury. Closings done. We wait,” Freedman said on Tuesday afternoon (EST).

Freedman also thanked his colleagues for their assistance with the case. The closing argument conclude and it is now up to the ten jury members to decide fate of lawsuit in the case. Jurors failed to reach a consensus on Tuesday, and the court docket jury will meet again on Monday. Kurt Wuckert Jr., Coingeek’s attorney, tweeted about the case and complimented Freedman following the closing arguments.

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Wuckert Jr. stated that Vel Freedman was a strong Kleiman finish today. “Rivero accidentally spilled water on his notes and had to struggle with technical problems. He was able to keep his pace and made his points. However, Freedman’s conclusion was very effective and direct. Now, the jury is in deliberation.

“Close to a Trillion-Dollar Judgment”

According to various estimates, the judgment could lead to a huge order if the plaintiffs prevail. Jordan Atkins, a contributing author to Coingeek, estimates that the judgment could see Kleiman’s property entitled to a part of a bitcoin fortune valued over US$70 billion. Deirdra Funcheon, the Coindesk creator, projects that the judgment will be around $36 billion (the bitcoin value at issue) and $126 billion (the intellectual property value at issue).

If Kleiman property award is, punitive damages in the amount of billions of dollars are possible. Carolina Bolado (Law360 contributor) has been covering this case in nice element on Law360 as well as her Twitter account. Bolado wrote on Twitter, “The amount the plaintiffs are asking here is staggering.” Bolado wrote on Twitter:

“If they get it all with treble damages civil theft and possible punitive damages we’re looking at the close the trillion-dollar judgment. It’s difficult to comprehend.” Bolado wrote in an earlier tweet:

Now, we’re going to wrap up the instructions for the jury to decide the fate of lawsuit. One thing to notice: They want everyone to agree on their decision.

The summaries of Bolado and Funcheon were also provided by Wuckert Jr. and Atkins. Twitter accounts Arthur van Pelt and Fractal Encrypt (@fractalencrypt), have been providing protection for the Kleiman-v. Wright trial in nice elements as well. The court docket’s jurors could not reach a conclusion by the end of the week. However, the U.S. Thanksgiving vacation delayed the final proceedings for six days.


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