Crypto Mining leaves Kazakhstan

This year, the power crisis trigger by the growing crypto mining leaves industry that is booming in Kazakhstan. According to a report in the media, certain miners. Such as those who have taken steps to stop the industry in China. And now looking to relocate to countries with more reliable energy supply like America (US).

Industry insiders previously warned. Kazakhstan’s energy infrastructure will not be able to support the demands of the many miners who consume power relocated from China. This has led to Kazakhstan the second-largest cryptocurrency mining center in the world.

The wild year of Greenidge bitcoin mining in Kazakhstan ends in a disastrous manner. Then, it led to an energy shortage which led to a rapid fall from prosperity to bankrupt.

Power Problem Make Crypto Mining Leaves Kazakhstan

In the years since the Chinese government begin the process, attacks on Kazakhstan mining crypto were a hot topic in May. The Central Asian country maintains its electricity price limit as well as being a significant supplier in fossil fuels. But, its deteriorating infrastructure and inadequate power generation. Capacity has failed to keep up with the ever-growing demand for power to power the energy-intensive minting facilities for coins.

Authorities blame the growing deficit (7percent increase in consumption in the initial three quarters of the year). And then, the rapid expansion of mining data centers. lawmakers have suggested more electricity costs for miners.

Industry leaders complained about unjust treatment they felt was unfair. “They make mining a scapegoat,” Didar Bekbauov the co-founder of the local mining hosting firm Xive and Xive. Told social media in the beginning of December.

Nikkei Asia revealed in its report it was the chief executive who made those comment on Twitter. Following Xive had to shut down its main location in the southern part of Kazakhstan after a power cut this month. The company continues to operate many other mining operations in Kazakhstan. However, it is also looking into options to move some of its operations into United States.

The Rise From Nikkei Asia and Xive

In November it was The Data Center Industry and Kazakhstan together with Kazakhstan’s network operators. Blockchain Association reaches KEGOC agreement to guarantee miners. Registered ensures continuous power supply. In the event that the state-owned utility did not complete certain of its contracts The mining company began shutting its facilities in the United States.

Bitfufu which is owned by another major operator of crypto farms, Bitmain. Closed its cryptocurrency farming operation in Kazakhstan and has relocated towards it’s home base in United States. Xive plans to construct an energy facility using natural gas which will purchase products directly from the power plant. They are with the intention of ensuring crypto mining can be viable in Kazakhstan.

Even though restrictions put in place by the power distributors have impacted cryptocurrency mining operations that are regulated however, small crypto farms operating that operate in shadow economies continue printing digital currency in garages and basements.

“The “grey miners” burn large amounts of electricity. This is a further problem the Nur Sultan government. “Unfortunately, it is difficult to get rid of them,” Alan Dorjiyev, chair of the Crypto Industry Association, told the Nikkei Shimbun.

At first, Kazakhstan welcomed cryptocurrency miners and enacted steps to control the sector by enacting laws. The estimates released in October revealed that the country is likely to invest approximately US$1.5 billion in tax revenues and more than US$300 million to its economy over the coming five years.

The new rate of $0.0023 per Kilowatt hour of power used by crypto mining companies that are registered is set to be introduced in January 2022. Kazakhstan is also planning to construct power stations with capacities of 3,000 megawatts over the coming years, increasing the percentage that renewable energies play within the energy system and is also considering nuclear energy sources.


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