everyone needs to invest

Why everyone needs to invest it’s quite easy to become lost in the frenzied headlines and volatility which are a part of Bitcoin these times. The various altcoins are becoming increasingly and more intrusive. However, they aren’t really useful, and the newcomers to the space are constantly making us forget the main reason we’re here. The people behind this scheme do not know how important the present that we live in is.

The Emerging System Our Economy

Affluent by excessive quantitative liquidity. Instead of financing government spending through tax revenue and ensuring that the budget is balanced, the central bank issues new money to repay government debt and allow the government to spend more than its budget.

The biggest problem with an economy based on central banks is that the government could request their central bank create new money. The state does not have to think about everyone’s needs to invest taxes into infrastructure, the economy, or the system. So that it can benefit citizens and increase taxes, it is not dependent on tax revenues. It can borrow the amount of new money it gets via the central banking system as it requires.

In this system, tax revenues do not go away. They increase. Savings and wealth deteriorated due to “2% annual inflation”. In the central bank-driven economy, the alignment of incentives between the government and the citizens broken. When assets monetize, real estate and stocks increase in value in time. In the end, we see a rise in inequality of wealth when the people who own these assets get richer.

Bitcoin Can be a Solution For the current Infected Systems

Typically, governments collect a portion of the products and services created in their respective economies in the way of taxation (an inevitable and unavoidable sin that everyone detests). The state collects taxes from productivity and then takes them and invests them in the state. Why everyone needs to invest could be anything from infrastructure to the military.

The primary purpose and goal of the entire government (past and current) and taxation is to safeguard the citizens, safeguard the nation, and build infrastructure. Through everyone needs to invest tax revenues in the economic system, the nation is expanding and can improve its infrastructure and allow all citizens to work more efficiently.

It is evident that not all of us manipulate the results and use them for personal gain to increase our wealth. Could be one of the causes for the distrust in the public sector.

Higher productivity combined with tax revenue reinvestment boosts the country’s economy and increases the tax base overall. As a result, the government will pay more taxes as production rises. However, growth in the economy organically means that the government is not inclined to increase tax rates.

Solution to the Asset System

People not protected from overprinting money as their living expenses will rise. Governments finance insane killings and conflicts through central banks. Inequality of wealth causes social turmoil. Instead of being transparent to its people, they would rather deceive and pit one against the other to make the sake of profit.

Rather, it’s about buying and keeping bitcoins as a necessity. It’s a means to fight the central bank-driven economy. Bitcoin can be the sole distinct method of protesting and may be able to overthrow the system.

There is a lot of depth that has been absorbed and moved to build passive income with Bitcoin. The way the Bitcoin network functions is beautiful on its own. Bitcoin remains a mystery that is easily visible to our eyes. I want to compare it with how chaotic the world is today, but it’s incredible to look at the outcomes of thousands of people, our world.

Make your finances better, live a good living your life.


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